Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to frequently-asked questions about InstatnOffice services.

1.       My company is being established and I need a registered office. Can I register it at the InstantOffice address?
By signing a virtual office or office room lease agreement, you will be able to use the InstantOffice address as your registered office address.

2.       What do I need to do to register my company at the InstantOffice address?
You need to sign a lease agreement including your personal information, on the basis of which you will be entitled to use the InstantOffice address as your registered office address. After registering your company, the existing agreement needs to be terminated and a new one signed, containing your company's information. Your company can also be registered at the InstantOffice address based on an offer for agreement execution.

3.       What is the lease payment method according to the submitted offer?
Payment can be made only at a bank or via online banking to the account number of InstantOffice d.o.o.

4.       Will I get an invoice for deposit payment?
No invoice is issued for deposit payment, and the deposit is to be credited directly to the InstantOfficed.o.o. account.

5.       When is the lease deposit due?
The lease deposit is due immediately after the signing of the agreement, more precisely before the start date of the agreement.

6.       What is the deposit amount for virtual office lease?
The virtual office lease deposit depends on your chosen virtual office package, and it is calculated on the basis of two monthly gross rents for the selected package.

7.       What is the deposit amount for office room lease?
The office room lease deposit equals the amount of one monthly rent for your chosen office.

8.       Can I access my office on non-working days?
Your office is available to you seven days a week, 24 hours a day, irrespective of non-working days and holidays.

9.       If I have selected a virtual office package, and after a while my office requirements change, how can I switch to another package?
You can switch from one package to another according to your needs. In principle, the change is implemented as of the first day of the following calendar month.

10.   The scope of my business has increased, which requires additional staff, but my office is already occupied to its full intended capacity.
he lessee has the possibility to move to another office, naturally within and according to currently available room capacities. In principle, the desired change is implemented as of the first day of the following calendar month.

11.   What if I want to terminate the agreement?

In case that the agreement has been executed for a non-fixed period, it can be terminated with a 30-day notice, without specifying any reasons for termination.

12.   What does it take for you to receive mail on behalf of my company?
In order for us to receive your mail, we need your power of attorney to receive mail, validated by a notary public.

13.   Who receives my mail?
Your mail is delivered to the joint InstantOffice mailbox and then categorized at the InstantOffice reception desk. In case of registered mail, it is delivered directly to the InstantOffice reception desk.

14.   Can I get notification on each mail item received on my behalf?
All lessees are notified when their mail has been received via e-mail containing sender data, if they are virtual office lessees. Other lessees are delivered the received mail on the same day or as per arrangement.

15.   If my virtual office package includes mail forwarding, when can I expect to receive it?
Mail is forwarded according to an arrangement with the lessee, via courier service or e-mail.

16.   How does call forwarding work?
Your telephone number is registered at the central InstantOffice device and incoming calls are automatically rerouted to the desired telephone number.

17.   How does call answering on behalf of my company work?
Your telephone number is registered at the central InstantOffice device, and calls are answered by a reception desk employee, introducing the company to the caller as arranged.

18.   If I want a telephone in my office, can I keep my existing company telephone number?
The lessee can keep its existing telephone number or be assigned a new one.

19.   What is the calculation method for services used during one month of lease?
All of the services you have used within the current month are calculated during or at the end of the month, and an invoice is issued during or at the end of the current month as well.

20.   What does a furnished office include?
A furnished office includes the furniture required for the intended number of persons to work in the chosen office space.

21.   What is the capacity of InstantOffice meeting rooms?
InstantOffice offers 3 meeting rooms, able to receive up to 50 people.

22.   Can I cancel my meeting room reservation?
A meeting room reservation can be cancelled no later than 48 hours before the start of the meeting.

23.   I have an urgent meeting with 20 participants tomorrow. Can I reserve a meeting room?
A meeting room can be reserved if available in the requested time slot, and the rent needs to be paid immediately upon the receipt of the offer.

24.   Can I rent a meeting room on weekends?
A meeting room can be rented on weekends at a 10% higher fee.

25.   Can I rent your largest meeting room for 2 hours?
The Palm Tree Meeting Room can be rented for 4 hours as minimum. The other meeting rooms can be rented for 1 hour as minimum on business days and minimum for 2 hours on weekends.

26.   Can I come and see whether an InstantOffice meeting room will suit my needs?
You can see the meeting rooms and arrange your meeting on working days from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.

27.   When is my meeting room rent due?
The meeting room rent is due 48 hours before a meeting room is to be used, and the payment constitutes the confirmation of your reservation.

28.   When will I receive an invoice for InstantOffice meeting room rental?
The meeting room invoice is issued following the use of the meeting room.

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