5 Tips for Office Hunters

5 Tips for Office Hunters

Office space finding is a world filled with slip-ups and snags to catch your suit on and figuring out the pitfalls is no easy task. We're here to help!

Office space finding is a world filled with slip-ups and snags to catch your suit on and figuring out the pitfalls is no easy task. We're here to help through, so we have prepared a guide for the dedicated office hunters out there and we know that there are a lot of you. We understand that as a company, you'll have many boxes to tick when it comes to the needs of your business and employees.

1. Do You Know Exactly What You Are Looking For?

Your need to find a new office may be urgent, but taking the time to consider exactly what you hope to gain from your new office is essential. Evaluate your business needs (Location, Size, Quality and Budget). Then calculate a realistic time-scale for visiting, short-listing and finally moving your staff and equipment. Far too many organisations looking for space change their criteria within weeks of their first search. Be sure to plan out your needs as best you can to avoid a loss of precious time and money.  

2. Location, Location, Location

Take the needs of both your staff and company into account. Will this new location allow your key staff and clients to commute to you with ease? Consult your employees when you are agreeing the criteria for your new office space search. While transport in your towen may be diverse and frequent, moving your office to a location far away from your key staff isn't a wise move.

3. Only one First Impression

Remember that when finding new staff and customers, first impressions count. Be sure that the building's external appearance, as well as the quality of the reception and meeting rooms doesn’t undermine your corporate image.  

4. Expect the Unexpected

For your company to be successful in today's world, the ability to adapt and grow is essential. No one expects you to be able to see into the future but anticipating the growth of your company is key to thriving in your new office.

Flexibility to down scale or expand your office during your contract is a valuable asset. You don't want to be stuck, unable to expand your business before you can change offices. Consider renting office space on a rolling licence agreement, this can ensure you have more room to grow. Each building has its own hidden costs and unforeseen issues so remember to count those pennies.  When leasing an office take care to account for business rates, buildings insurance and the manager’s service charges. An all-inclusive licence agreement is a more straightforward way of renting office space. This agreement takes all the administrative hassle and combined costs into consideration.

5. Avoid playing Tetris

A great building in your ideal location has dazzled you. But yet, once you walk past the spacious reception and stylish meeting rooms, does the office suit your needs? It is easy to fall into the trap of style over substance, so keeping your space needs in mind is imperative. You don't want a cramped office in a nice building.

So there you have it, our tips for finding the right office space. Wherever you may be looking, remember to look for an office to inspire, grow and benefit your business in the long-term.

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